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Contingency-Fees Level the Playing Field in Personal Injury Accidents

Leveling the Playing Field with Contingency-Fees in Personal Injury Cases.
A contingency-fee arrangement allows an injured person or entity with a good legal claim – but without the financial resources to hire an attorney on a standard hourly fee basis – to retain a lawyer to pursue that claim and obtain a recovery against the wrongdoer who caused the harm.

Peck Hadfield is committed to representing our clients in appropriate cases on a contingency-fee basis. That is, we agree up front with our clients to represent them without payment of any attorney fees until a successful resolution of their case – at which point we receive a percentage of the total recovery from the wrongdoer or insurance company as our fee. As a general rule, Peck Hadfield will also advance the fees and costs necessary to properly prepare our clients’ cases, with the understanding that such fees and costs will be reimbursed to the firm from the recovery. If we do not obtain a recovery for our client in a contingency fee case, then we receive no attorney fees for our work on the case.

Contingency fees level the legal playing field for our clients, be they individuals suffering personal injuries or businesses wrongfully harmed by illegal business conduct. Contingency fees may also be an option for probate disputes and condemnation cases where one side has the ability to use its superior financial position to intimidate or oppress the other side.

Insurance companies and big corporations have the financial resources to hire very good lawyers to represent them in court. They often use this major advantage when dealing with injured parties and other persons who do not have the ability to hire their own lawyers on a standard hourly fee basis. Insurance companies and big corporations know that attorneys’ fees and costs in lawsuits can quickly run into the tens of thousands of dollars. And they know that in larger or more complicated cases, attorneys’ fees and costs can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most injured persons and entities simply cannot afford to pay standard legal fees and costs necessary to take on insurance companies and big corporations. Without a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer on their side, injured persons and entities are at a major disadvantage when pursuing their legal claims against insurance companies and big corporations. The attorneys at Peck Hadfield Baxter & Moore routinely represent injured persons and entities on a contingency-fee basis, thus leveling the legal playing field so that our clients can obtain the monetary recoveries to which they are entitled under the law.

Additional Services in Contingency-Fee Cases
The period of time following an injury caused by the negligence or wrongful act of another is often one of the most difficult times in the injured person’s life. In addition to coping with the pain and disability caused by the injury, there is often a financial strain caused by missing work and mounting medical bills. And to top it off, the injured person must also deal with an avalanche of documents from treatment providers, insurance companies and bill collectors.

An essential part of the service provided by Peck Hadfield to our clients in contingency fee cases is to sort through the paperwork, deal with insurance companies and work out payment or lien options with treatment providers. We believe that the more of the paperwork we can do, the better. That frees up our clients to focus their energies on rehabilitating their injured bodies and putting their lives back together again.

Free Initial Consultation
Peck Hadfield offers free consultations with injured persons or entities interested in obtaining representation by our firm on a contingency-fee basis. Please call 435-787-9700 to set up an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experienced litigation attorneys.


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